Lampropoulos Georgios (Phd Candidate)

Thesis title: The role of educational technology and gamification in improving education, cognitive and social-emotional development and 21st century skills cultivation: Development and evaluation of virtual and augmented reality applications, artificial intelligence tools and serious games.
Supervisor: Keramopoulos Efkleidis
Advisory Committee Members:
Diamantaras Konstantinos, Professor, IHU
Evangelidis Georgios, Professor, UoM

Nowadays, the rapid technological advances and the digitalization of everyday life have created new educational needs and requirements. The aim of this study is to scrutinize the role of educational technology and gamification in the context of the constantly developing 21st century education and pedagogy. More specifically, this study will examine the way in which the use of emerging technological applications can enrich the contemporary educational process, reinforce wellbeing, promote cognitive and social-emotional development and improve 21st century skills cultivation. Furthermore, it will analyze and present the technologies of augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence and serious games as well as the contemporary educational approaches of gamification and game-based learning. Through the use of these technologies and approaches and in collaboration with educational communities and institutes intelligent, student-centered and personalized virtual learning environments and applications will be developed and evaluated. Finally, in order to infer valid and reliable conclusions, qualitative and quantitative studies, which will be based on the creation and use of questionnaires and big data analysis, will be included.