The easiest way to get to the Alexander Campus of IHU (former Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki), is to follow the national road of Thessaloniki – Athens and after 9 km turn right to the Industrial Area of ​​Sindos. The Alexander Campus of IHU is located after 1 km to the right.

The Thessaloniki Urban Transport Organization (OASTH) serves the Alexander Campus by providing public transport service (bus line No. 52) that starts from the city’s New Railway Station and ends at the former Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki.

The Department of Information and Electronic Systems Engineering is housed in the buildings of Departments of Information Technology and Electronics Engineering of the former Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki. To get by foot to these buildings, having arrived on the campus of Alexander Campus by bus, you must enter the large central corridor of the University, cross it to the right, exit the building, turn left (blue arrows) and proceed to the road in the diagram below (yellow arrows). If someone has come by car, he/she has only to follow the path indicated by the yellow arrows.

The building of the former Department of Information Technology is directly opposite the basketball court on the left of the road, while the building of the former Department of Electronics Engineering is afterwards, as shown on the map below.