The duration of the Department’s first cycle of studies is set to ten (10) academic semesters in accordance with Government Gazette 2657/1-7-2019/issue B and the implementation of the corresponding Undergraduate Program of Studies was defined the academic year 2019-2020.

The Undergraduate Program of Studies (UPS) of the Department is designed to provide knowledge of the full range of ICT technologies and Electronics, while providing to the students the flexibility to choose the Knowledge Areas (KAs) they wish to pursue in order to gain further specialization. The Knowledge Areas covered by the Department are:

  • General Knowledge and Skills (GKS)
  • Programming and Algorithms (PA)
  • Electronics (EL)
  • Communications and Networks (CN)
  • Embedded – Computing Systems (ECS)
  • Data Management – Artificial Intelligence (DMAI)

The Undergraduate Program of Studies (UPS) of the Department consists of a set of courses, divided into semesters, to satisfy their time sequence and interdependence.

All students are required to attend and successfully complete the 32 Compulsory courses of the Undergraduate Program of Studies (UPS) that provide the necessary basic theoretical and practical knowledge. During the sixth semester students choose one of the following two course groups:

  • Electronic and Embedded Systems (EES): combination of Electronics (EL) and Embedded – Computing Systems (ECS) Knowledge Areas
  • Programming, Data and Artificial Intelligence (PDAI): combination of Data Management – Artificial Intelligence (DMAI) and Programming and Algorithms (PA) Knowledge Areas.

Students must successfully attend and complete the 5 Compulsory Selection (CS) courses of the course group that they have chosen as well as 8 additional Elective Courses (EC) from any course group, including common (for both groups) elective courses. If they so desire, some of the 8 courses may be Compulsory Selection (CS) courses of the other group.

Throughout their studies students are required to declare (in both course periods) the Compulsory Courses of previous semesters that have not successfully completed and then their formal semester courses until they have completed 42 Credit Units (CUs) which is the maximum number of CUs they can declare in a statement period (42 CUs = 7 courses). Thus, during the winter semester registration period, students first declare the compulsory courses of previous winter (odd) semesters in which they have failed and, if sufficient, they also declare their standard semester courses. Similarly for spring (even) semesters. The last semester of studies is devoted to the preparation of compulsory Diploma Thesis that can be done in collaboration with companies in the field, after consultation with the responsible academic for Diploma Theses.

Furthermore, students may choose to do an Internship which corresponds to 12 Credit Units (two elective courses).

The design of the Undergraduate Program of Studies (UPS) aims to satisfy the following key features:

  • Focused student study on a limited number of courses (45).
  • Gaining knowledge with knowledge sequence.
  • Implementation of essential basic knowledge before specialization.
  • Specialization in modern fields of Informatics and Electronic Systems.

Acquiring the Diploma of the Department requires:

  • Successful completion in 45 courses (32 Compulsory Courses, 5 Compulsory Selection courses and 8 additional courses) corresponding to 270 Credit Units.
  • Successful completion of the Diploma Thesis corresponding to 30 Credit Units.