Administration – Secretariat

Department’s Administration

Secretariat Personnel

  • Tsitouridou Sofia (responsible for administrative affairs, Head, Tel: +30 2310 013621)
  • Chaliampaka Xrysoula (responsible for student affairs – Tel: +30 2310 013088 )

Opening hours

Student and public service hours are 12:00 to 14:00 (Monday to Friday). Students are kindly requested to always carry their student ID when visiting the Department’s Secretariat.

Contact details

The Secretariat of the Department of Information and Electronic Engineering resides in the ground floor of the building of the former Department of Electronic Engineers.

  • Department of Information and Electronic Engineering
    International Hellenic University (I.H.U.), Alexander Campus
    P.O. 141, P.C. 57400,
    Sindos, Thessaloniki, GREECE
  • Tel: +30 2310 013621, +30 2310 013088 (student affairs)
  • Secretariat’s e-mail: