Adamidis Panagiotis
Programming Methodologies, Intelligent Systems
Room 106
Antoniou Efstathios
(Head of Department)
Numerical and Symbolic Computational Methods in Mathematical Systems Theory
Building "Η", Ground Floor, Head's Office
Vitsas Vasilis
Computer Networks, Wireless Local Area Networks
Office 207
Goulianas Konstantinos
Neural Networks - Numerical Analysis
212 - Former IT - Automation building
Diamantaras Konstantinos
Machine Learning, Signal and Image Processing, Parallel Processing
Ilioudis Christos
Internet security, e-services
Room 205, former IT building
Ioannidou Melina
Propagation, scattering & diffraction of electromagnetic waves, microwave remote sensing, wireless communications & radiolinks, antenna design, biological effects of radiowaves.
Building H, Department of Information and Electronic Engineering, 1st floor, office 1.8.
Keramopoulos Efkleidis
Human Computer Interaction, Database Systems and Web
107 - Former Informatics - Automation building
Kioskeridis Iordanis
Power Electronics - Renewable Energy Sources - Electric Drives
Number 1.1
Kostoglou Vasilis
Operational Research - Project Management - Applied Statistics - Multicriteria Decision Analysis - Labour Market Analysis
212, 1st floor - Informatics Building
Marmorkos Ioannis
(MSc Director)
Bamnios Georgios
Acoustics, Electroαcoustics, Audio ανδ Visual systems, Environmental Noise.
Papakostas Dimitrios
Analog and Digital Electronic Systems
Salampasis Michalis
(MSc Director)
Software systems development, Information Retrieval, Intelligent Systems
Stamatis Dimosthenis
Artificial Intelligence - Logic Programming - Programming Methodologies
Tzekis Panagiotis
(Deputy Head of Department)
Applied Mathematics
Office 1.7 (building Η)
Chatzimisios Periklis
Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, Standardization, 6G/5G Communications, Public Safety, Smart Cities, Vehicular Communications, Communication Security
Room 206, 1st Floor, Building P
Associate Professors
Iosifidis Athanasios
Wireless Communications, Mobile Communications, IoT, STEM Education
Elelctonics buliding, first floor, office 1.9
Sidiropoulos Antonis
(Συντονιστής ΟΜΕΑ)
Web Aplications, DataBases, Operating Systems, Scientometrics
106 - Former IT-Automation building
Assistant Professors
Giakoumis Angelos
Microcontrollers, Nonlinear circuits
Kokkonis Georgios
Kotsakis Rigas
Signal Processing, Multimedia Technologies, Radio/TV production
Laboratory of Mass Communications Systems
Bratsas Charalampos
Intelligent Software Systems
Ougiaroglou Stefanos
Data mining, Databases, Algorithms and data structures, Web applications
Building P, 1st Floor, Room 203
Papadopoulou Maria
Electronics, Energy harvesting, Wireless Power Transfer, IoT applications, Microcontrollers, Embedded Systems, Non-linear circuits
Office 1.2 or Lab C2 [Building H (former Department of Electronic Engineering)-1st floor]
Chatzopoulos Argyrios
Analog Electronics, Measurement Systems, Sensors, Instrumentation, IoT, Precision Agriculture
Building H, Laboratory A2