The purpose of the Undergraduate Program of Studies (UPS) is primarily to provide modern and high level knowledge, skills and competences in the fields of Information and Electronic Systems Engineering and their interdisciplinary fields of application. The program aims at graduates who combine excellent theoretical knowledge with significant laboratory applications, so that they can follow the constantly evolving landscape in their field of science and in their professional field. In addition to providing a solid background in the subject and cultivating a methodical way of thinking and coping, the program aims to develop and complete students’ personalities and to develop their professional and social awareness.

An additional purpose of the UPS is to get students in touch with the cutting edge of science and modern technological developments in the fields of Information and Electronic Systems Engineering, as well as in the interdisciplinary fields where they are integrated. The program fosters students’ interest in scientific research and gradually introduces them to research activities to ensure that interested graduates are prepared for academic studies of second and third cycles.

A supplementary objective of the UPS is the interconnection and interaction with production and/or service units in the field and with relevant professional bodies and to involve them in the process of improving the UPS and lifelong learning, in order to ensure that graduates are well positioned to the modern labor market. In this context, emphasis is given to the preparation of the international professional perspectives of graduates, through the active participation of the Department in educational exchange programs and international scientific and professional collaborations.