Vafeiadis Antonis
Giakoustidis Konstantinos
Deligiannis Ignatios
Object Oriented Software Engineering
Dervos Dimitrios
Data Bases, Data Analytics, Data Mining
Rm. No. 203, (ex-) Dept. of Information Technology, and (ex-) Dept. of Automation Bldg.
Kazakopoulos Aristotelis
Builiding H, 1st floor, office 1.2
Kleftouris Dimitris
Information Technology
Manavis Christos
Raptis Paschalis
Information Technology building, office room 105 (1st floor)
Sapounidis Theodosios
Tangible programming, Tangible User Interfaces (TUIs)
Building H, Lab G5
Siaka Kerstin
Information Systems Quality, Innovation and Social Networks
Spasos Michail
Design of Analog Switching Systems
Sfetsos Panagiotis
Software Engineering, Programming Languages
105 - Former IT-Automation Building
Psarras Nikolaos
TCP/IP protocol suite, Unix programming, C programming