The profile of the new Department is harmonized and serves the modern, rapidly evolving trends in the broader areas of Informatics and Electronic Engineering. The undergraduate and postgraduate programs of studies as well as the whole scientific and research activity of the Department aim at integrating science and technology related to the design, development, implementation, management, maintenance and expansion/improvement of hardware systems and software, whether they are autonomous electronic and computing systems, or individual components of wider electronic and computing systems and/or electronics and computing equipment controlled systems.

The graduated Information and Electronic Systems Engineer will be able to understand, respond as a professional or researcher, to be actively involved and lead developments in new and future technologies, applications, systems and services such as the Internet of Things, Tactile Internet, Augmented Reality, Big Data Management, Smart Grid, Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, Software Defined Networks, New Generation Social and Telecommunication Networks (i.e., 5G), Cloud/Fog/Edge Computing technologies, Mobile and Cloud Computing, the new Electronic Technologies for Medicine.