In cooperation with the ERASMUS Office of the University, a large number of Bilateral Cooperation Agreements has been signed with Universities in Europe and around the world.

Important note: The Department accepts incoming students that can attend only courses from the 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Semesters.

The table below shows the cooperating European Universities:

Code University
A WIEN 02 Vienna University of Technology, Austria
B GENT 25 University College of Ghent – Belgium
B LIEGE 38 Haute Ecole de la Province de Liege-  Belgium
BG PLOVDIV 01 Agricultural University of Plovdiv – Bulgaria
BG ROUSSE 01 University of Ruse – Bulgaria
CZ PRAHA 02 Czech University of Life Science in Prague – Czech Republic
D DRESDEN 01 Hochschule fur Technik und Wirtschaft Dresden (FH) –Germany
D GOTTING 01 Georg-August-Universitat Gottingen, Germany
D OSNABRU 02 Hochschule Osnabruck, University of Applied Sciences, Germany
E MADRID 03 Universidad Complutense de Madrid – Spain
E BARCELO 03 Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya (UPC) & (FIB)
E ALMERIA 01 Universidad de Almeria- Spain
E MALAGA 01 Universidad de Malaga- Spain
E JAEN 01 Universidad de Jaen,  Spain
E MADRID 14 Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain
E VALENCIA 02 Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain
F BORDEAU 54 Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’ Electronique, Informatique,
Télécommunications, Mathématique et Mécanique de Bordeaux
(ENSEIRB-MATMECA)/Institut Polytechnique de Bordeaux (IPB)
F BREST09 TELECOM Bretagne – France
F LA-ROCH 08 Universite de la Rochelle  – France
F NOISY 02 Ecole Superieure d’ Ingenieurs en Electrotechnique et Electronique, Noisy
Le Grand, France
HR ZAGREB 01 University of Zagreb- Croatia
HR SPLIT 01 University of  Split – Croatia
I BOLOGNA 01 Universita di Bologna, Italy
I MESSINA 01 Universita Di Messina – Italy
I PISA 01 Università di Pisa, Italia
LV JELGAVA01 Latvia University of Agriculture, Jelgava, Latvia
N TRONDHE 03 Sor-Trondelag University College – Norway
NL GRONING 03 Hanzehogeschool Van Groningen-The Netherlands
P COVILHA 01 Universidade de Breira Interior, Covilha, Portugal
P VIANA-D 01 Instituto Politecnico de Viana do Castelo – Portugal
P LISBOA 05 Instituto Politecnico de Lisboa, Portugal​ (only master level)
P LISBOA 109 Instituto Superior Tecnico- Lisboa-Portugal​ (only master level)
PL POZNAN 02 Poznan University of Technology- Poland
PL WARSZAW 05 Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) – Poland
RO ALBAIU01 1 Decembrie 1918 University, Alba Iulia – Romania
RO CRAIOVA01 Universitatea din Craiova, Romania
RO SIBIU 01 Universitatea “Lucian Blaga” din Sibiu – Romania
RO TIMISOA 04 Universitatea Politecnica din Timisoara, Romania
S KARLSTA 01 Karlstads Universitet – Karlstad, Sweden
SF HAMEENL 09 HAMK University of Applied Sciences – Finland
SF JYVASKY 01 University of Jyvaskyla – Finland
SF VAASA 13 NOVIA University of Applied Sciences, Vaasa –  Finland
TR ANKARA 05 Atilim University, Turkey
TR ISTANBU 04 Istanbul Technical  University, Turkey
TR ISTANBU 45 Nisantasi Universitesi, Turkey
TR ISTANBU 14 ISIK University, Istanbul, Turkey
UK SOUTHAM 04 Southampton Solent University, UK​ (for staff mobility only)