Postgraduate Studies

The Department of Information and Electronics Engineering offers the following postgraduate study programs:

Web Intelligence Technologies

The postgraduate programme “Master of Science (MSc) in Web Intelligence Technologies” provides advanced knowledge in sophisticated computer technologies related to Intelligent Web Applications. The MSc is designed to provide graduate-level education in Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Technologies for internet applications.

The purpose of the MSc is to create advanced scientific and vocational training through the provision of expertise in Intelligent Web Technologies, which could be used in the analysis of intelligent information systems, evaluation and implementation of intelligent technologies and the development of new technologies.

Graduates of the MSc are expected to acquire the necessary skills for successful careers as senior executives in both the private sector (design and software development in IT companies, IT departments of large companies etc.) and public sector (public organizations, educational institutes, research centers, etc.).

More information can be found οn the website of the M.Sc.

Applied Electronic Systems

The postgraduate programme “Master of Science (MSc) in Applied Electronic Systems” is completed after 3 semesters (full-time students) or more (part-time students), after the successful assessment in 8 modules and the completion of an individual postgraduate thesis. In the first and second semesters the full-time students attend 4 modules per semester, whereas during the third semester the students need to devise their individual postgraduate thesis..

More information can be found on the website of the MSc.