The Department of Information and Electronic Engineering of the International Hellenic University of Greece (I.H.U.) started its course dynamically at the School of Engineering of I.H.U. in the spring of 2019 and welcomes undergraduate students from September 2019. The premises of the Department are in Sindos (Thessaloniki), comprised of 9 lecture classrooms, 2 amphitheaters and 20 laboratory rooms with modern equipment. The Department is very well-staffed with its teaching staff consisting of 30 faculty members and 6 special teaching members, being one of the largest in the Institution.

The duration of the Department’s first cycle of studies is set to ten (10) academic semesters in accordance with Government Gazette 2657/1-7-2019/issue B and the first implementation of the corresponding Undergraduate Program of Studies was defined for the academic year 2019-20.

The Department offers an attractive second-cycle postgraduate programs that lead to the awarding of a postgraduate diploma specializing in cutting-edge fields of knowledge either independently or through participation in interdepartmental postgraduate programmes.

In addition, the Department has effectively organized the third cycle of study, leading to a Doctorate Degree while being the driving force for the development of scientific and research work.