Siaka Kerstin B.Sc.

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Kerstin received her BSc and MSc degrees in economics in 1975 and 1977 respectively from Hndelshögskolan vid Åbo Academy, Finland and her PhD in 2003 in Software Quality from the Department of Computing, Communication Technology and Mathematics at London Metropolitan University, UK.
She has an extensive industrial experience from software development in global organisations. Currently, he is a professor in Information Systems Quality, Innovation and Social Networks at the department of Information Technology and Electronic Systems Engineering at the International Hellenic University (former department of Informatics at Alexander Technological Educational Institute (ATEI) of Thessaloniki.
Her main research interests involve Multidisciplinary Approaches of Systems Engineering, Knowledge Management and Quality Management. She has a particular interest in the social, cultural and political approaches and their effect on society, such as globalization, eLearning and eInclusion, as well as on the subsequent challenges for managers, educators and governments.
She has published more nearly 200 scientific papers about her research in journals, book chapters and international refereed conferences. Her work has been frequently cited (close to 1000 Google Scholar). She has been very active in different EU sponsored lifelong learning and research programmes (see for example:
As EU Project Coordinator:
• ECQA Valorisation Expert ( )
• Family Businesses in the New Economy, how to survive and develop (
As EU project consortium member:
• ECQA Certified Media Networker ( )
• ECQA Certified Social Responsibility ( )
• Digital Marketing (Dima2010) (http://hamkd )
• Network for Teaching Information Society (NET-IS)
( )
• ICT Convergence ( )

In 2010 she spent 7 months at the Industrial Management department at University of Vaasa, Finland participating in the KEMO project. Her role in the project was the investigation of the cultural factors influencing organizations doing business in a global context (see

Scientific Field:
Information Systems Quality, Innovation and Social Networks
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