Diamantaras Konstantinos B.Sc., M.A., Ph.D.

  • Rank: Professor

Konstantinos Diamantaras received the Diploma degree from the National Technical University of Athens, Greece, and the Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, USA, in 1992. He joined Siemens Corporate Research, Princeton, NJ, USA, as a Post-Doctoral Researcher and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece. Since 1998, he has been with the Department of Information Technology, Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece, where he is currently a Professor. He has co-authored the book Principal Component Neural Networks: Theory
and Applications (New York: Wiley, 1996). His current research interests include machine learning, parallel processing, signal processing, and image processing.
Dr. Diamantaras has served as the Chairman to the Machine Learning for Signal Processing (MLSP) Technical Committee (TC) of the IEEE Signal Processing Society and a member of the MLSP and Signal Processing Theory and Methods TCs as well. He has been the Chairman and a member of the TC for various machine learning, signal processing, and neural networks conferences. He has served as an Associate Editor for the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SIGNAL PROCESSING, the IEEE SIGNAL PROCESSING LETTERS, and the IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NEURAL NETWORKS. He is currently an Associate Editor of the Journal of Signal Processing Systems (Springer).

Scientific Field:
Machine Learning, Signal and Image Processing, Parallel Processing
Coordinator of the courses:
(1744) Advanced Computer Architecture and Parallel System Programming, (1947) Advanced Machine Learning
Courses taught:
(1744) Advanced Computer Architecture and Parallel System Programming, (1947) Advanced Machine Learning
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