Katsios Grigorios (Phd Candidate)

Thesis title: Cooperative Control and Study of the Structural Properties of Singular Multi-Agent Dynamical Systems
Supervisor: Antoniou Efstathios
Advisory Committee Members:
Panagiotis Tzekis, Professor IHU
Stavros Vologiannidis, Associate Professor IHU

The present PhD research programme aims to study the structural properties of multi-agent systems, whose components (agents) are themselves singular systems of first, second or higher order. Singular systems arise naturally in the study of dynamical processes which are either subject to algebraic constraints or in cases where the system itself results from the interconnection of smaller components. The aim of the PhD research is to develop results, both at theoretical and application level, by investigating the structural properties of such systems and by extending existing collaborative control techniques in the class of singular cooperative systems.