Work Placement


  • Course Code: 1970
  • Semester: 9th
  • Course Type: Skills Development (SD)
  • Course Category: Optional (OP)
  • Scientific Field: Generic Knowledge and Skills (GKS)
  • Lectures: hours/week
  • ECTS units: 12
  • Teching and exams language: Greek
  • Coordinator: Goulianas Konstantinos

Educational goals

The purpose of the Work Placement (WP) is to train the student in a real work environment, so that his integration into the labor market, after the end of the studies, is carried out smoothly. The two-way relationship between the Academic Institution and the Labor Market is thus improved, leading to greater absorption of the Department's graduates. In addition to familiarizing students with the working environment, WP contributes to increasing the professional competitiveness of the department's graduates. In addition, it improves the competitiveness of some companies because young scientists transfer to them new know-how and possible ways of modernization. It also strengthens the integration of women into the labor market and possibly reduces the prejudice with which they are faced when applying for positions in technical branches. Upon successful completion of the WP, the student will be able to:

  • Provide services in the academic subject practiced.
  • Apply methods and techniques in the subject studied.
  • Participate in working groups.
  • Contribute to the group preparation of projects in the subject studied.
  • To combine methods and knowledge in order to implement projects in the subject studied.
  • To evaluate systems and projects related to the subject studied.
  • To decide on the methodology for solving technical problems.
General Skills
  • Search, analysis and synthesis of data and information, using the necessary technologies
  • Adaptation to new situations
  • Decision making
  • Autonomous work
  • Teamwork
  • Project planning and management
  • Respect for the natural environment
  • Demonstration of social, professional and ethical responsibility
  • Exercise criticism and self-criticism
  • Promotion of free, creative and inductive thinking

Course Contents

Work Placement (WP) is optional for students following the five-year Study Program. The employer can belong to the private or the wider public sector. The subject of students’ employment covers the entire spectrum of the cognitive subject of the studies. For the most successful realization of the WP, the intern is supervised both by a designated academic supervisor from the Department’s side, and by a work manager (trainer) from the employer’s side. The student keeps a WP booklet (diary) in which he records, on a weekly basis, the tasks and subjects in which he practiced. The workplace trainer supervises the trainee and notes his observations in the WP booklet. Each absence of the student from work is recorded in the WP booklet.

Teaching Methods - Evaluation

Teaching Method
  • Not applied
Use of ICT means
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Teaching Organization
Activity Semester workload
Work in a real environment360
Total 360
Students evaluation

The intern is supervised by both the academic supervisor and the trainer from the employer's side. The academic supervisor regularly visits the practice area systematically monitoring the course of the WP. Any observations are recorded in the student's WP booklet. At the end of the WP, the student, the academic supervisor and the instructor answer questionnaires evaluating the course and results of the WP. Successful completion of the WP is verified by both the academic supervisor and the instructor/employer.

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