Vassios Vassilios (Phd Candidate)

Thesis title: Fault detection methods and algorithms in analog and mixed-mode electronic circuits with the use of embedded systems
Supervisor: Papakostas Dimitrios
Advisory Committee Members:
Alkiviadis Hatzopoulos, Professor AUTH
Argirios Hatzopoulos, Assistant Professor IHU

The scope of the PhD Thesis is to develop novel methods and algorithms for testing faults in analog and mixed-mode electronic circuits. The primary methodology that will be followed, consists of data gathered from the measurements of signal response of non-faulty electronic circuits and compared against similar measurements from circuits that are injected with selected faults. The aim of this research is to try to develop new metrics that will help the improve the efficiency of the developed algorithms and try to improve previous algorithms regarding the classification of the Circuit Under Test (CUT) to Good/Faulty by decreasing the percentage of the classified CUTs to False Positive (Faulty) or False Negative (Good). This algorithm will be implemented in an embedded system (μCU,FPGA) with main goal to improve the classification timing of the CUT’s to Good/Faulty.