Iliopoulos Christos (Phd Candidate)

Thesis title: Smart 5G MMWAVE for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
Supervisor: Chatzimisios Periklis
Advisory Committee Members:
Iosifidis Athanasios , Associate Professor, IHU
Gioultsis Traianos, Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering. AUTH

Connectivity is an important enabler for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs). As such, 5G mobile networks play an important role. However, it’s difficult for these networks to support the density of vehicles in urban areas. Ultra-dense small cells using millimetre wave (mmWave) communication emerges as a solution. The proposed thesis will design smart and dynamic algorithms to manage mmWave beam allocations in CAV ecosystems. Moreover, it will study the mmWave beam allocations and recommend intelligent algorithms based on traditional optimisation techniques. The thesis also intends to explore the radio resource allocation under multi-radio access technologies and vehicle-to-vehicle communication.