Kelesidis Konstantinos (Phd Candidate)

Thesis title: Exploratory and Analytical Processing of Academic Student Records
Supervisor: Dervos Dimitrios
Advisory Committee Members:
Ioannis Marmorkos, Professor, IHU
Antonios Sidirpoulos, Associate Professor, IHU

Quality Assurance comprises a necessity for the University academic unit. It is achieved with systematic assessment procedures. The latter involve the use of quantitative and qualitative indicators.

Considering the above, the present PhD research aims to utilize quality indicators that relate to student assessments in courses of the IHU IEE department’s programmes of study.  Indicators can be utilized in conducting exploratory data analysis as well for defining measures that in turn can be utilized in the data mining processing of academic records.

An example of a quality measure is the definition and the quantification of a Course Degree of Difficulty (CDoD). Once defined, the latter can be incorporated into the logic of a data mining algorithm for improved course recommendations.

The research is conducted in collaboration with the members of the departmental Internal Evaluation Group (IEG). This is done in order to achieve the highest possible degree of convergence and harmonization between the research aims and the needs dictated by the  internal evaluation procedures at a typical university academic unit.