Ji Chenyang (Phd Candidate)

Thesis title: Resource allocation in integrated access and backhaul networks resource allocation in integrated access and backhaul networks
Supervisor: Chatzimisios Periklis
Advisory Committee Members:
Iosifidis Athanasios , Associate Professor, IHU
Papadopoulos Georgios, Professor, IMT Atlantique in Rennes, France

High capacity and coverage area extension are some of the most important requirements of the 5G network. However, due to the problem of densification and the limit when using high-frequency transmitting carriers, it is difficult to fulfill. 3GPP introduced wireless backhaul as a substitute for optical fibers to create a high-capacity network at a lower cost. The proposed thesis will concentrate on Integrated Access and Backhaul (IAB) networks and specifically on resource allocation problems. Moreover, it will study the necessary features in order to better design paths to destination and it aims at solving the best path selection problem using appropriate scheduling and coordination techniques. Another topic that will be discussed in this thesis is the interference graph design to avoid collisions between IAB devices. The thesis also intends to explore the congestion detection under multi-hop topology and try to improve network performance by implementing data recovery techniques.