Tokatlidis Christos (Phd Candidate)

Thesis title: Electronic circuits learning assessment in physical and virtual labs
Supervisor: Papakostas Dimitrios
Advisory Committee Members:
Chatzopoulos Argyrios, Assistant Professor, IHU
Sapounidis Theodosis, Assistant Professor, AUTH

The aim of the PhD thesis is to investigate the effectiveness in learning basic electronic devices (amplifiers with bipolar transistors and operational amplifiers), in physical laboratories (with physical interfaces and components – hands-on laboratories) and in virtual laboratories (with virtual interfaces). In recent years, remote or local computer-based learning of various subjects has penetrated many areas of education. The conveniences as well as the possibilities provided by computers give the learning process many advantages. In the field of applied sciences, the advantages of virtual laboratories are even greater as they require less resources especially in terms of equipment, both at the level of measuring instruments, generators, power supplies and at the level of consumables. In addition, virtual laboratories provide great security for both the equipment and the persons involved in the entire learning process. The need to use virtual laboratories has become even more relevant in recent years where health security has made the conduct of physical laboratories impossible.

Taking into account the above and the advantages of traditional physical laboratories, the need arises to investigate the effectiveness of the two learning methods (physical and virtual laboratories) in the field of basic electronic devices, to compare them and to search for combinations of the two methods which may have better results. In the literature there are relevant researches for various fields of knowledge which, however, do not enter the field of knowledge of basic electronic devices. For this investigation, methods will be used that can provide measurable quantities in order to draw as safe conclusions as possible to answer the critical and current questions concerning the laboratory methods of learning basic electronic devices.