Tselegkaridis Sokratis (Phd Candidate)

Thesis title: Study of interfaces in microcontrollers electronic circuits learning
Supervisor: Sapounidis Theodosios
Advisory Committee Members:
Aristotelis Kazakopoulos, Professor IHU
Dimitrios Stamovlasis, Associate Professor AUTH

The scope of this PhD thesis is to study the interfaces in microcontrollers electronic circuits learning. These interfaces can be categorized into Physical (Physical User Interfaces – PUIs) and Virtual (Virtual User Interfaces – VUIs). The main goal is to highlight the advantages, disadvantages and conditions under which one interface is more efficient than the other. More specifically, PUIs use real electronic components, while VUIs use computer simulations. In other words, the object of this research is the comparison of tangible electronic circuits with the corresponding simulations in software programs during the microcontrollers’ learning, but also the study of mixed PUI-VUI models. The key research question is which of the modes is more efficient and whether the sequence of interfaces affects the efficiency of a mixed model. Metric methods, such as the time needed to complete tasks, will be used to investigate the usability performance of physical and virtual interfaces.