Charalampidis Charalampos (Phd Candidate)

Thesis title: Interoperability enhancement in the «Internet of Things», through utilization of «Semantic Web» technology
Supervisor: Adamidis Panagiotis
Advisory Committee Members:
Athanasios Iosifidis, Associate Professor IHU
Efkleidis Keramopoulos, Professor IHU

The main objective of the present doctoral thesis, is the research for Semantic Web (SW) technology utilization in the logical representation of Internet of Things’ (IoT) elements, in order to enhance these elements’ interoperability. The motive for this thesis, is the interoperability deficit, observed among the various IoT elements. The main cause of this deficit is the plethora of protocols and technologies targeting IoT hardware and software, as well as the plethora of semantic models (vocabularies/ontologies), proposed for the logical representation of IoT elements. The interoperability deficit, complicates IoT applications creation without prior knowledge and expertise of the respective technologies, protocols or standards. The goal is to develop know-how in the utilization of Semantic Web technology, for the creation of practical IoT applications, along with IoT elements (“things” under control, IoT management software, IoT user interfaces, etc) featuring enchanced interoperability.