Audio and Image Technologies


  • Course Code: 1771
  • Semester: 7th
  • Course Type: Scientific Area - Skills Development (SA-SD)
  • Course Category: Optional (OP)
  • Scientific Field: Communications and Networks (CN)
  • Lectures: 2 hours/week
  • Lab teaching: 2 hours/week
  • ECTS units: 6
  • Teching and exams language: Greek
  • The course is offered to Erasmus students
  • Coordinator: Kotsakis Rigas
  • Instructors: Kotsakis Rigas

Educational goals

The objective of this course is to introduce the students in the basic concepts of audiovisual systems, audiovisual parameters and multimedia classification modelling. Upon the completion of the course the students will be able to:

  • Understand and analyze the fundamental concepts of audiovisual signals.
  • Perceive the digitization chain of audiovisual signals.
  • Comprehend the audio and video parameters that can be extracted from respective content.
  • Compute the audio and visual properties with the utilization of effective windowing techniques.
  • Develop primary classification models and multimedia taxnomies.
General Skills
  • Search, analysis and synthesis of information by using the appropriate means and technology.
  • Desicion making.
  • Independent and cooperative work.
  • Criticism and self-criticism ability.
  • Free, creative and inductive thinking.

Course Contents

– Basic concepts of audiovisual signals.
– Electroacoustic chain.
– Digitization process of audio and video content.
– Audio and visual properties extraction.
– Comparison of audiovisual parameters.
– Classification models on audio and image content.

Teaching Methods - Evaluation

Teaching Method
  • Lectures in classroom (teaching, discussion, problem solving).
  • Laboratory exercises in small and effective students; groups.
Use of ICT means
  • Powerpoint presentations.
  • Moodle platform.
  • Simulation software of signals and systems.
  • Electonic communication with the students.
Teaching Organization
Activity Semester workload
Compulsory presentation of laboratory work60
Individual study and analysis of literature60
Total 180
Students evaluation

I. Semester Exam - SE (60%) on taught theoritical concepts along with problem solving for critical thought assesment.

II. Laboratory Exam - LE (40%)
- Examination on the group laboratory exercise (effectiveness, presentation, state of research, paper submission)

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