Applications of Embedded Systems


Educational goals

The purpose of the course is the development applications in C language with the PIC18F4550 microcontroller

  • To design alarm system with PIC18F4550 microcontroller
  • To design access control systems
  • To design Control systems (In open and closed loop) using PWM
  • To design communication and data transfer systems using the serial port with RS232, RS485, RS422 protocols.
  • To design systems for collecting and processing data from digital and analog inputs.
  • To design measuring and indication systems of various sensors as (temperature, pressure, humidity, etc.) on an LCD display and also on seven segment displays.
  • Communicate microcontrollers with PCs via USB
  • To design simple step up and step down power supplies using microcontrollers.
  • To design photovoltaic systems applications. (MPPT).
  • To apply the knowledge gained from the courses of Microcontrollers and Embedded Systems for interconnecting with peripheral devices through I2C, SPI, one wire, micro wire and more.
  • Design applications, using microcontrollers and appropriate Wifi modules, for Internet data management (IOT).
General Skills
  • Search, analysis and synthesis of technologies and information
  • Decision making
  • Autonomous work
  • Group work
  • Critic and self critic
  • Promotion of free, creative inductive work

Course Contents

-Use of digital and analog inputs.
– Timers and interrupts.
– Motor Control and Pulse Width Modulation(PWM).
– Applications with serial ports.
– Storing data to SD cart, USB flash stick.
– Applications with analog and digital sensors.
– Communication with computer via USB.
– Applications to control power electronic devices, photovoltaic systems and power supplies.

Teaching Methods - Evaluation

Teaching Method
  • Lectures
  • Lab training
Use of ICT means
  • Power point presentations
  • Microcontroller Development Board
  • Communication with students with a platform
Teaching Organization
Activity Semester workload
Laboratory exercises48
Individual study and analysis of literature80
Total 180
Students evaluation

Written Exams 40% (WE)

Laboratory Exercises 60% (LE)

The total grade 0.4 X WE+0.6 X LE must be at least 5
Also the written exams grade must be at least 5

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