Satellite Communications


Educational goals

Introduces the student to the technology of satellite systems, communications, and satellite channel links. After the successfull completion of the course the student will be able to:

  • To understand and analyze the structure of various satellite systems.
  • To describe the parameters which determine the mechanics of satellite orbits and affect the quality of satellite communication links.
  • To design the appropriate methodologies for the study and development of satellite links for the provision of particular services
  • To compare the performace of various satellite systems and to select the optimum satellite constellation for a particular service.
  • To understand the fundamental laws of physics and principles of engineering for the signal transmission of satellite communication systems.
  • To monitor and study the international sccientific literature on the subject and the standards of relevant International Organizations.
General Skills
  • Decision making
  • Working independently
  • Group working
  • Develop a free and creational thinking

Course Contents

Introduction to satellite communications, historical evolution and standards of International Organizations.
Mechanics of satellite orbits, geostationary orbit
Structure and architecture of satellite systems, on Earth satellite stations.
Transmission of satellite signals, analysis and design of satellite links
Satellite networks (architectures and topologies), satellite systems for DVB, DTH, VSAT networks
Satellite systems for mobile communication services, satellite systems for  location and navigation services (GPS).

Teaching Methods - Evaluation

Teaching Method
  • Classroom lecturing, meetings with students to discuss questions and solve problems
Use of ICT means
  • Lecture Notes and power point slide presentations available in electronic form (in greek).
  • Use of an asynchronous learning platform (Moodle).
Teaching Organization
Activity Semester workload
Laboratory exercises12
Individual study and analysis of literature104
Preparation for laboratory exercises24
Total 180
Students evaluation

Final written exam in class

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