• Course Code: 1999
  • Semester: 10th
  • Course Type: Scientific Area - Skills Development (SA-SD)
  • Course Category: Compulsory (CO)
  • Scientific Field: Generic Knowledge and Skills (GKS)
  • Lectures: hours/week
  • ECTS units: 30
  • Teching and exams language: Greek

Educational goals

The aim of Thesis is to motivate the student to apply the knowledge has acquired in a specific scientific area and to help him/her to develop synthetic competence. The topics of Thesis have research, development and applied nature. Topics include current scientific developments in the field of Informatics and Electronics, research activities of the Department staff, technological developments in production and industry and more. Upon successful completion of Thesis, the student will be able to:

  • Choose the methodology for solving technical problems.
  • Combine methods and knowledge to implement projects.
  • Evaluate systems and projects.
  • Provide services.
General Skills
  • Search, analyze and synthesize data and information, using the necessary technologies
  • Decision making
  • Independent work
  • Teamwork
  • Exercising criticism and self-criticism
  • Promoting free, creative and inductive thinking
  • Working in an interdisciplinary environment

Course Contents

The Thesis is prepared by the students of the Department, under the supervision of a faculty member, during the 10th semester. The typical preparation period of Thesis is one semester. This duration is prohibited to be less than one semester, but may be extended, depending on the scope and the requirements of the subject up to two years. A subject may be assigned to a group of up to two students, with the work being appropriately distributed to each student.

The text of the Thesis should necessarily include: (a) summary, (b) theoretical framework in which the project deals and the related achievements of science and technology are presented, (c) detail presentation of the methodology followed, (d) results certifying the correctness of the issue and demonstrating its usefulness, (e) conclusions and (f) bibliography-references.

Thesis must include at least one of the following: Design and assembling of an electronic system, developing original software, using specific software in an application, developing software models, performing measurements.

Teaching Methods - Evaluation

Teaching Organization
Activity Semester workload
Preparation of complex and integrated project900
Total 900
Students evaluation

Thesis is public presented, three times per academic year. All students and the staff of Department are invited to attend the presentations. Each presentation is 20 minutes long, followed by questions lasting about 10 minutes. Each member of the examination Committee scores independently the Thesis and the final grade is the average of grades from the three members of the Committee.