• Aidoni Maria (Supervisor: Stamatis Dimosthenis)

    Thesis title: The Contribution of Artificial Intelligence Tools to meeting the educational needs of Primary Education. Readiness of Teachers to Adopt the new form of tools And issues of Legistation, Resourses and Training

  • Argiratos Trifon (Supervisor: Bratsas Charalampos)

    Thesis title: Influence and Decisions in Networks

  • Spyros Arnolnt (Supervisor: Chatzimisios Periklis)

    Thesis title: Dynamic cybersecurity framework for IoT and IoD devices enhanced with Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence (CTI)

  • Asimopoulos Dimitrios – Christos (Supervisor: Vitsas Vasilis)

    Thesis title: AI in IoT systems: security, privacy, ethical challenges & solutions

  • Vassios Vassilios (Supervisor: Papakostas Dimitrios)

    Thesis title: Fault detection methods and algorithms in analog and mixed-mode electronic circuits with the use of embedded systems

  • Gerontitis Dimitrios (Supervisor: Tzekis Panagiotis)

    Thesis title: Study of Time Invariant and Varying Systems Using Recurrent Neural Networks

  • Gravanis Georgios (Supervisor: Diamantaras Konstantinos)

    Thesis title: Fault Detection in industrial / production processes with Deep Learning methods

  • Delimaras Vasileios (Supervisor: Chatzopoulos Argyrios)

    Thesis title: Real Time Measurements of Oils Quality, based on the Changes in Electrical Characteristics

  • Delianidi Marina (Supervisor: Diamantaras Konstantinos)

    Thesis title: Predicting Student Performance Using Time-Dependent Machine Learning Methods and Recommending Educational Content

  • Iliopoulos Christos (Supervisor: Chatzimisios Periklis)

    Thesis title: Smart 5G MMWAVE for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

  • Theodoridou Sofia (Supervisor: Chatzimisios Periklis)

    Thesis title: Internet of Things (IoT): An academic subject in state education

  • Kalloniatis Antonis (Supervisor: Adamidis Panagiotis)

    Thesis title: Analysis and generation of humorous texts in Greek

  • Kamateri Eleni (Supervisor: Salampasis Michalis)

    Thesis title: Intelligent and multilevel patent classification

  • Kampatzis Aristotelis (Supervisor: Sidiropoulos Antonis)

    Thesis title: Categorizing information with advanced natural language processing (NLP) models

  • Kaplanoglou Pantelis (Supervisor: Diamantaras Konstantinos)

    Thesis title: Explainable Machine Learning for Intelligent Systems

  • Karaveli Ifigeneia (Supervisor: Salampasis Michalis)

    Thesis title: Graph based machine learning methods for providing personalized recommendations

  • Katsalis Alkiviadis (Supervisor: Diamantaras Konstantinos)

    Thesis title: Machine Learning Methods for Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG)

  • Kelesidis Konstantinos (Supervisor: Dervos Dimitrios)

    Thesis title: Exploratory and Analytical Processing of Academic Student Records

  • Koupidis Kleanthis (Supervisor: Bratsas Charalampos)

    Thesis title: Integrating Network Analysis and Machine learning Techniques for Geospatial Data Analysis

  • Lazaridis Georgios (Supervisor: Chatzimisios Periklis)

    Thesis title: Artificial Intelligence in Software Defined Networking for modern telecommunication systems

  • Malliaridis Konstantinos (Supervisor: Ougiaroglou Stefanos)

    Thesis title: AutoML tools for effortless data analysis

  • Mandela Aikaterini (Supervisor: Kotsakis Rigas)

    Thesis title: Development and implementation of digital image classification models for the prediction of economically exploitable mineral raw materials

  • Markantonis Stavros (Supervisor: Diamantaras Konstantinos)

    Thesis title: Reinforcement learning algorithms and mixture of experts architectures for efficiently solving stochastic problems with large state spaces

  • Melisidis Konstantinos (Supervisor: Keramopoulos Efkleidis)

    Thesis title: An educational approach to teaching programming and computational thinking through augmented reality and gamification

  • Mizeli Chaido (Supervisor: Goulianas Konstantinos)

    Thesis title: “Extracting Knowledge Graphs from text through Natural Language Processing using Machine Learning”

  • Bilis Efstratios (Supervisor: Goulianas Konstantinos)

    Thesis title: Creation of machine learning models - neural networks for the prediction of exchange rate values in different time frames

  • Ntampakis Nikolaos (Supervisor: Goulianas Konstantinos)

    Thesis title: Holistic deep learning approaches on medical signals/images

  • Xanthopoulou Georgia (Supervisor: Bratsas Charalampos)

    Thesis title: Intelligent data analysis systems for natural phenomena forecasting in marine ecosystems.

  • Xefteris Vasileios-Rafael (Supervisor: Goulianas Konstantinos)

    Thesis title: Data analysis and multimodal data fusion of sensors with machine learning and networks methods

  • Saroglou Stylianos (Supervisor: Goulianas Konstantinos)

    Thesis title: Entity extraction and multi-label classification with machine learning methods

  • Skapetis Georgios (Supervisor: Keramopoulos Efkleidis)

    Thesis title: Fostering computational thinking, cooperation and motivation skills in secondary education students, through educational robotics, using an augmented reality cooperative educational tool

  • Stamatis Vasileios (Supervisor: Salampasis Michalis)

    Thesis title: Applied Intelligence for Federated Patent Search

  • Ji Chenyang (Supervisor: Chatzimisios Periklis)

    Thesis title: Resource allocation in integrated access and backhaul networks resource allocation in integrated access and backhaul networks

  • Tokatlidis Christos (Supervisor: Papakostas Dimitrios)

    Thesis title: Electronic circuits learning assessment in physical and virtual labs

  • Tselegkaridis Sokratis (Supervisor: Sapounidis Theodosios)

    Thesis title: Study of interfaces in microcontrollers electronic circuits learning

  • Filipakis Panagiotis (Supervisor: Ougiaroglou Stefanos)

    Thesis title: Data reduction for complex training data

  • Fillipidis Panagiotis – Marios (Supervisor: Bratsas Charalampos)

    Thesis title: Δημιουργία σημασιολογικού μοντέλου εξόρυξης και διαχείρισης αθλητικής γνώσης

  • Charalampidis Charalampos (Supervisor: Adamidis Panagiotis)

    Thesis title: Interoperability enhancement in the «Internet of Things», through utilization of «Semantic Web» technology

  • Xondrokostas Evangelos (Supervisor: Bratsas Charalampos)

    Thesis title: Graph Theory and Machine Learning Techniques on Semantic Knowledge Graphs

  • Medda Daniele (Supervisor: Chatzimisios Periklis)

    Thesis title: Performance Modeling and Analysis of the IEEE802.11BE standard for ultra-dense WLAN deployments