• Aidoni Maria (Supervisor: Stamatis Dimosthenis)

    Thesis title: -

  • Vassios Vassilios (Supervisor: Papakostas Dimitrios)

    Thesis title: Fault Testing Methods and Algorithms for Analog and Mixed-Mode Electronic Circuits using Embedded Systems

  • Gerontitis Dimitrios (Supervisor: Tzekis Panagiotis)

    Thesis title: Study of Time Invariant and Varying Systems Using Recurrent Neural Networks

  • Gravanis Georgios (Supervisor: Diamantaras Konstantinos)

    Thesis title: Fault Detection in industrial / production processes with Deep Learning methods

  • Delimaras Vasileios (Supervisor: Spasos Michail)

    Thesis title: Real Time Measurements of Oils Quality, based on the Changes in Electrical Characteristics

  • Delianidi Marina (Supervisor: Diamantaras Konstantinos)

    Thesis title: Predicting Student Performance Using Time-Dependent Machine Learning Methods and Recommending Educational Content

  • Kaplanoglou Pantelis (Supervisor: Diamantaras Konstantinos)

    Thesis title: Explainable Machine Learning for Intelligent Systems

  • Katsalis Alkiviadis (Supervisor: Diamantaras Konstantinos)

    Thesis title: Machine Learning Methods for Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG)

  • Katsios Grigorios (Supervisor: Antoniou Efstathios)

    Thesis title: Cooperative Control and Study of the Structural Properties of Singular Multi-Agent Dynamical Systems

  • Kelesidis Konstantinos (Supervisor: Dervos Dimitrios)

    Thesis title: Exploratory and Analytical Processing of Academic Student Records

  • Kostopoulos Evangelos (Supervisor: Diamantaras Konstantinos)

    Thesis title: Neural network pruning methods and their application on medical imaging

  • Lampropoulos Georgios (Supervisor: Keramopoulos Efkleidis)

    Thesis title: The role of educational technology and gamification in improving education, cognitive and social-emotional development and 21st century skills cultivation: Development and evaluation of virtual and augmented reality applications, artificial intelligence tools and serious games.

  • Mandela Aikaterini (Supervisor: Kotsakis Rigas)

    Thesis title: -

  • Melisidis Konstantinos (Supervisor: Keramopoulos Efkleidis)

    Thesis title: An educational approach to teaching programming and computational thinking through augmented reality and gamification

  • Bilis Efstratios (Supervisor: Goulianas Konstantinos)

    Thesis title: -

  • Ksefteris Vasileios-Rafael (Supervisor: Goulianas Konstantinos)

    Thesis title: -

  • Seitanidis Ilias-Nektarios (Supervisor: Iosifidis Athanasios)

    Thesis title: Small cell radio resource management techniques for Internet of Things services improvement in 5G mobile networks

  • Stamatis Vasileios (Supervisor: Salampasis Michalis)

    Thesis title: Applied Intelligence for Federated Patent Search

  • Tokatlidis Christos (Supervisor: Papakostas Dimitrios)

    Thesis title: -

  • Tselegkaridis Sokratis (Supervisor: Sapounidis Theodosios)

    Thesis title: Study of interfaces in microcontrollers electronic circuits learning

  • Charalampidis Charalampos (Supervisor: Adamidis Panagiotis)

    Thesis title: Interoperability enhancement in the «Internet of Things», through utilization of «Semantic Web» technology